Bay Area Metro

Speculative Brand Design

A logo reads 'Bay Area Metro' with a geometric 'M' in blue and orange, with illustrations of transit vehicles adorned with the same colors and branding

What if the Bay Area had a unified transit system?

This was the question proposed by Seamless Bay Area, a transit advocacy nonprofit in the Bay Area. For this project I created conceptual storyboards illustrating what a unified transit system could look and feel like, including designs for a unified brand identity, wayfinding and vehicle livery.

Seamless Bay Area


A Financial Report designed by Theysaurus

Articulating the brand system

There are currently 27 transit brands in Bay Area. Our first discussion was about the broader brand system - how much should the design reference the old brands? In the name of a seamless rider experience, we decided a complete rebrand would be best; bringing all the agencies under a single umbrella - Bay Area Metro.

A collection of logo sketches inspired by transit motifs and the San Francisco Bay Area

Logo sketches & concept art

From here I began a series of sketches - exploring how to make the 'M' for 'Metro' blend with the Bay Area's unique geography and points of interest to create a locally resonant, iconic brand mark.

Bay Area Metro logos - designed by Liz Broekhuyse for Seamless Bay Area. The logo features a swooping letter M which echoes the geography of the ocean, bay and mountains.

Final logo design

A clean, geometric ‘M’ for ‘Metro’ represents a cross-section of the Bay Area’s landscape - from left to right traversing ocean, mountain, bay, and mountain.

An animation showing the transit vehicles before (many vehicles in different colors and styles) and after (to a unified color scheme and design with the M for Metro printed at large scale on the side of each vehicle)

Vehicle Livery

How the logo would perform as vehicle livery was a key consideration for me. With so many vehicles in operation, I enjoyed finding a systematic way to apply the branding for maximum impact.

Conceptual design for wayfinding including maps and railway station signage


I also created some simple concepts to show the brand as applied to wayfinding signage.

More about the project and the team

With input and feedback from Seamless Bay Area colleagues, I was the designer and illustrator on this project.

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