Connect the Bay Board Game

Art Direction & Marketing

Report Design and Illustration for a financial services company by Theysaurus

Connect the Bay Board Game

Seamless Bay Area's mission is to fix the Bay Area's fragmented transit system - creating a better experience for riders which invites more people to choose public transit. To support this goal, I led the creation of an educational board game to bring our ideas to new audiences and raise funds for the organization.

Seamless Bay Area


A Financial Report designed by Theysaurus

Game & Box Design

Alfred Twu developed the game play and concept - delivering a draft of the game board, box and rulebook. These were a great foundation for me to apply some refinements to the visual design.

A Financial Report designed by Theysaurus

Kickstarter Campaign

I created the assets for our Kickstarter page - everything from the graphics and video to the product descriptions and pricing tiers.

A Financial Report designed by Theysaurus

Merch Design

I designed and produced additional merch items to entice our Kickstarter backers to contribute more money to support the nonprofit.

More about the project and the team

I acted as project manager and guided this game from idea to execution, overseeing the design, launch marketing, production and shipping.

Connect the Bay is available to purchase at The Game Crafter.


  • Liz Broekhuyse: art direction, marketing strategy, graphic design
  • Alfred Twu: game play design, game board
  • Stephanie Beechem: email & social media support