Report Design & Illustration

For an Australian Fintech Client

Report Design and Illustration for a financial services company by Theysaurus

Designing for a fun, friendly Fintech company

My client is one of the new breed of Financial Technology (Fintech) companies, offering a vastly different approach to traditional wealth management institutions. This is exemplified in their product - which offers simplicity, low fees and unbiased advice. Since 2014 I have used my design skills to contribute to their marketing efforts - creating reports and illustrations which reflect their unique values and brand personality.

About the Project

An Australian Fintech company


Report Designs

A Financial Report designed by Theysaurus

ETF Report

This report compares a huge list of investment products available in Australia. The layout has been designed to make the report easy to read and understand, and is enhanced with graphs and illustrations which further elaborate on the data provided.

A Fun Financial Report Design

Industry Report

This report is a comparison of competing wealth management companies - calling out the best and worst performers in the market, and demonstrating the link between higher fees and poorer investment performance.

The report is designed for the everyday Australian investor, and humorously captures the greed of some of the worst performing companies with amusing illustrations dotted throughout the report (which were very fun to create!)

Illustrations & Visuals

Investment company illustrations by Theysaurus

Brand Illustrations

Over time I have created a vast collection of illustrations in the client's distinctive style. The illustration style conveys their distinct brand personality - where other financial institutions are dry and corporate, this company is bright, fun and friendly. Illustrations are used across the company’s materials - including reports, videos, email campaigns, advertisements and on social media.

Graphs and Infographics designed by Theysaurus

Infographics & Charts

Infographics and charts are extremely useful to help draw conclusions from large reams of financial data. Since they are used so frequently I developed a standard style for graphs which matches the overall brand. I have also created a number of infographics to visually explain key concepts.