Foot Focus 4KIDS

Brand & Website Design Package

Foot Focus 4KIDS Website and Brand Design by Theysaurus

A child-friendly twist on an existing brand

Foot Focus 4KIDS is a new, kids-only podiatry clinic in Sydney; and the fourth clinic to open under the Foot Focus brand. My brand design focused on creating a fun, kid-friendly new look, which also respects the heritage of the original Foot Focus brand.

About the Project

Foot Focus 4KIDS


Paul Boudville

With Children and Podiatry being the focus on this site, we wanted to not just deliver a web site full of information; but also call out what we offer and what we stand for. Liz has again withstood time challenges in delivering this site and created a design which is vibrant, bright and modern just like the clinic itself.

Paul Boudville, Principal Podiatrist, Foot Focus 4KIDS

Logo Design

The logo combines the original Foot Focus icon with a fun new typeface. It sets the tone for the new brand materials - soft, rounded, friendly and colourful.

Foot Focus 4KIDS Logo - design by Theysaurus

Business Cards & Stationery

The design of the company stationery balances the formality of medical correspondence with the fun, child-friendly tone of the brand.

Stationery for a healthcare provider - design by Theysaurus

Kids Activity Book

A promotional item for the kids who visit the clinic, to make the experience of visiting a Podiatrist fun and memorable.

Kids colouring in book design - design by Theysaurus

Foot Focus 4KIDS Website Design - design by Theysaurus


I created a bespoke website design to tie in with the other brand materials. I then transformed the design into a custom, responsive Wordpress theme.
I hand coded the theme using used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP. I also utilised some JS/jQuery components for extra pizazz.

Printed Flyer

The flyer is designed to promote the clinic, as well as the importance of podiatric care for kids.

The fun, colourful design reinforces the positive care experience that is provided in the clinics, establishing Foot Focus 4KIDS as the experts in podiatry for children.

Brochure for a podiatry clinic - design by Theysaurus