H2 Ventures

Brand Design Package

H2 Ventures Brand Design - design by Theysaurus

Helping H2 find their voice

H2 Ventures is an Australian fintech-focused venture capital firm and startup accelerator. To reflect H2's status as Australia's premier fintech investors, I created a brand identity worthy of a successful VC firm.

Ben Heap

Liz has worked with us at H2 Ventures over the past several years - she is a talented & creative designer, a strategic thinker and a practical & thoughtful operator. Liz has played a key role in defining our company's identity and creating the unique look and feel of our brand.

Ben Heap, Founding Partner, H2 Ventures

About the Project

H2 Ventures


Logo Design

The logo is an impossible 3D object, representing the aim to achieve things that were once impossible; like disrupting the financial services industry. The style is inspired by the work of M.C. Escher, whose work explores the intersection of art and mathematics - just as fintech combines finance with the art of building a startup.

H2 Ventures Logo - design by Theysaurus

Style Guide

A style guide, report template, document template and presentation template were created to ensure H2 Ventures can create design materials with a consistent design style.

H2 Ventures Style Guide - design by Theysaurus

Presentation Template

A design template for pitch decks and presentations ensures H2 Ventures maintains a professional standard of design whenever they need to present.

H2 Ventures Pitch Deck Design - design by Theysaurus

H2 Ventures Document Templates - design by Theysaurus

Document Templates

I created document templates for various purposes. A single page template was created for flyers, and a multi-page template for longer documents such as the investment memorandum.

Business Cards

A professional first impression is assured with the clean design and high-quality printing of the business cards. A heavy weight card was used, giving the card a sophisticated, heavy feel in the hand. In addition the card features a smooth, matte finish which is pleasant to the touch, and spot gloss varnish over the logo which results in a suitable fancy finish.

H2 Business Card Design - design by Theysaurus

H2 Icon Library - design by Theysaurus

Icon Set

I designed a library of icons representing a variety of business, investment and fintech concepts, for use across all of H2's communication materials.

H2 Startup T Shirt Design - by Theysaurus

H2 T-Shirts

In the startup community, t-shirts are a popular way to proudly identify who you work for. This t-shirt is designed with a faded, distressed look which reflects the casual dress style of many startups.

Fintech Innovators Report 2014 - design by Theysaurus

Fintech Innovators Report

In order to establish a position as thought leaders in the emerging field of Fintech, the Top 50 Fintech Innovators Report was created. I designed the 2014 PDF report for print and online distribution.

H2 Conference Banners - design by Theysaurus

Conference Banners

Banners for use at conferences and events.