Upzone AI

Logo and Pitch Deck Design

A logo reads 'Upzone AI' with an icon of a GIS map, and some startup pitch deck slides

Logo & Deck Template for Upzone AI

Upzone AI's risk analysis service allows investors and property developers to better forecast regulatory risk, and ultimately, to build more housing. I jumped in to help establish the brand's initial logo, color palette, and deck template.

Upzone AI


black and white logo design sketches related to propoerty development and investment concepts

Logo Sketches

When looking for motifs to work into the logo design, I thought about visuals that would be familiar to property developers and investors - maps and graphs - as well as more typographic options exploring the rhythm of the word 'Upzone'.

A set of similar logos for an artificial intelligence and proptech startup exploring different versions of the city block map icon and color choices

Logo Refinements

The client determined the most promising sketch, and I elaborated on the design with several new variants, refining the proportions and colours to push the concept to a higher level of execution.

Horizontal and vertical versions of the Upzone AI logo

Final logo

The final logo carries several layers of meaning. It is all at once a map of a city block, the outline of a building, and the letter 'U'. The colours are inspired by GIS zoning maps, with a Southwestern flair guiding the precise tints.

Example slides of a startup pitch deck

Pitch Deck Template

The deck adopts a clean, architectural theme with bold lines echoing the logo. The photography choices bring forth warm feelings of home and family, a reminder of Upzone's mission to help build more housing.

More about the project and the team

I was the sole designer on this project.