Here are some of my favourite projects, which show how I design for the unique needs of each client I work with.

Upzone AI brand design by Theysaurus

Upzone AI

Logo & Pitch Deck

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Illusstrations and report designs for an Australian fintech company by Theysaurus

An Australian Fintech Startup

Report Design & Illustration

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Ultimate Shoe Selector app design and marketing by Theysaurus

Ultimate Shoe Selector

iPhone App - Digital Product Design & Marketing

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Bay Area Metro brand design by Theysaurus

Bay Area Metro

Speculative Brand Design

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H2 Ventures brand design by Theysaurus

H2 Ventures

Brand Design Package

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Connect the Bay Board Game Art Direction and Marketing by Theysaurus

Connect the Bay

Art Direction & Kickstarter Campaign

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Service Design for driverless cars by Theysaurus

Ford Autonomous Vehicles Team

Service Design for Driverless Deliveries
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